Repairing Ducts: A Comprehensive Guide

When dealing with existing ducts, it's not always possible to adhere to the best practices for installation. If you need to install a pipe between two others, but can't maintain the ideal 1.5-inch overlap, you can make a butt joint on one side. If you're using circular ducts, you can use a connector with a traction band to secure everything in place. Not properly sealing the ducts can lead to up to 20% of air conditioning loss, especially in high-efficiency systems that run at lower capacity for longer. To ensure your ducts are properly cleaned, it's best to call a professional company like Dustless Duct.

They will start by shaking the duct walls to remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and other gross substances stuck to the walls. After the cleaning is finished, they will re-inspect the air ducts to make sure nothing has been missed and that the ducts are thoroughly cleaned. The technician will also use an inspection instrument such as a mirror, periscope, or CCTV camera system with flexible cables to check for leaks or other problems in the ducts that require attention. They will clean the supply-side ducts and return grilles, and wait for the air duct contractor to remove the dust accumulated in the main pipes, allowing for more efficient vacuuming. Air duct cleaning is not a project you can do yourself; you should always hire air duct cleaning professionals with specialized tools to help you with this demanding task. This way, you can be sure that your ducts are cleaned properly and efficiently.

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