Is Sealing Ducts Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide to Maximize Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly energy bill and increase your home's energy efficiency? Sealing air ducts is a surefire way to do just that. With proper duct sealing, homeowners can save an average of 20% on their energy costs. Sealing the ducts helps heating and cooling systems, allowing the machine to work less to maintain the air temperature. This not only preserves the lifespan of your HVAC system, but also the air quality in your home.

Sealing air ducts with duct tape or a paintable sealing product, such as Mastic, prevents the air conditioner from escaping, allowing the air conditioner to operate more efficiently. This can generally save between 10 and 30% on your HVAC costs per year. The problem with duct leaks is that they restrict the amount of air designed to reach each area of the house, and also affect the performance of connected appliances. A professional air duct sealing contractor may have a large initial cost, but will ensure that all air leak points within the system are eliminated in the long term.

Specialized products for air ducts, such as Aeroseal, are designed to seal entire systems and not just some leak points. Sealing air ducts has a couple of extremely important safety advantages that are all too often overlooked. If your air ducts are not properly sealed, you run the risk of harmful gases reaching your home through “contrary air currents”, instead of safely eliminating them. Poorly sealed air ducts can also cause damage to your home as a whole.

A sudden and mysterious increase in your energy bill is just one way to realize that your home is leaking air ducts. You can use aluminum adhesive tape and a sealing putty to fill in the gaps or holes. You can also remove the ventilation grilles from the house and use basic putty to seal the edges, so that air from the attic does not enter the house. Sealing your home's air ducts is an effective way to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. It also provides important safety benefits by preventing harmful gases from entering your home and causing damage.

If you're looking for ways to reduce your monthly energy bill and increase your home's energy efficiency, sealing your air ducts is a great place to start.

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