What Type of Warranty is Offered on Duct Repairs?

If you're looking to keep your budget in check, the American Home Shield home guarantee is a great option. Generally, the manufacturer's warranty covers any component of the HVAC system that is under the brand name. This means that the parts are covered, but what about labor costs? That's where a labor warranty comes in. This type of warranty covers service charges, labor costs, and associated fees for installing that part.

In other words, the manufacturer's warranty covers only parts and the labor warranty covers any gaps. Investing in a 10-year labor warranty can give you peace of mind when it comes to your new air conditioning system. Most manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty for parts, but that leaves you to pay for all the labor for these repairs. These labor bills may be higher than the cost of the part. With a 10-year labor warranty, both parts and labor will be covered for 10 years.

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