Is Duct Tape a Good Option for Sealing Air Ducts?

Despite its name, "duct tape" should never be used to seal air ducts. It simply won't hold up. No matter what sealant you choose for your ducts, make sure it's of high quality and the application area is clean. While duct tape has many uses, such as wart removal, it's not suitable for sealing ducts.

Adhesive tape can stick to even the toughest surfaces and can withstand a lot, but it doesn't handle extreme changes in air duct temperature well. Over time, the adhesive weakens and eventually falls off. The question of tape versus putty is not an easy one. However, HVAC contractors usually use a combination of putty and adhesive tape to get the perfect seal. A great option is putty tape, which looks like regular aluminum tape but has a putty-resistant adhesive. When connecting or sealing air ducts, it's essential to use materials designed for the job.

Placing duct tape around any hole or crack in the ducts will provide a temporary solution, but it won't last long. You may also have to maneuver around ducts in tight spaces, such as behind drywall or surrounded by foam in the attic. That's why the color of the tape was changed from army green to silver, so it would match the ducts. Researchers found that the adhesive tape allowed too much air to escape or simply fell off after a few weeks or months. It failed reliably and often with disastrous results.

This was the outcome of a test conducted at Berkeley laboratory to see which sealants could properly seal air ducts. If you're looking for a plumber in Las Vegas, Hawthorne can help you repair and prevent duct leaks and explain the best options for keeping your HVAC system in good shape. Protecting your ducts isn't impossible, but you'll get better results if you hire HVAC contractors who know the materials and all the relevant accessories. An easy way to determine if an air duct cleaning company is legitimate is to evaluate the tools they use. For instance, if your pipe ducts are surrounded by insulation, you'll first have to unwrap them, then seal the leaks, and finally replace the insulation. It can also be hard to apply the material to narrow crevices and crevices, and you may have to move the ducts to reach difficult areas. As an expert in HVAC systems, I can confidently say that using duct tape for sealing air ducts is not a good idea.

The adhesive will not hold up over time and will eventually fall off due to extreme changes in temperature. The best option is to use a combination of putty and adhesive tape that is specifically designed for this purpose. Putty tape is a great option as it looks like regular aluminum tape but has a putty-resistant adhesive. When sealing air ducts, it's important to use materials that are designed for this purpose. It can be difficult to apply material to narrow crevices and crevices, so make sure you hire experienced HVAC contractors who know how to properly seal your ducts.

Additionally, make sure you evaluate the tools used by any air duct cleaning company before hiring them.

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